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Pre-Listing Consultation

Homeowner Before and After
Getting ready to list your home?

You’ve decided it’s time to sell your home. You have talked to everyone you know, hunting high and low, and finally found that dream realtor. Now somehow ALL that work seems to have been the easy part …? CRAZY! Now you are tasked with making your home presentable to potential buyers. You’re the director of your own show, trying to sell a home to people you don’t know, with no ideas about what they may want. Where do you start? You call Organized & Orderly!

My pre-listing consultation gives you and your seller a comprehensive list of everything that needs to be done in order to get the home list-ready. It entails a 1 or 2 hour walk through the home, starting with the all important curb appeal at the front, every room in the house, and finishes up in the back yard.

My areas of focus include but, are not limited to:

  • Decluttering (with specific details about what can stay and what needs to go)
  • Furniture flow (recommending which pieces should be removed or relocated to allow improved flow and open feel)
  • Aesthetic Repairs (cracked wall plates, paint chips, missing pulls, broken or damaged items, light bulb replacements, and SO much more)
  • Paint and flooring recommendations if applicable
  • Upgrade recommendations if applicable
  • Advice on how to survive living in the home while it is on the market (tips and tools for staying sane between open houses and showings!)
  • Landscape advice and recommendations (including CA and drought resistant planting & landscaping)
  • Closet and pantry tips and tools (How to make your closet and pantry stand out)

Both realtor and seller will be provided with a detailed list of all necessary work, broken down by space-by-space, incorporating all industry supported recommendations.

I will outline areas that I am able to assist in the process, including: decluttering, packing up, transportation to storage, haul away of trash, take to donation drop off., and staging with accessories provided by the owner or myself.

I also am able to provide and choreograph trusted painters, landscapers, handy men, plumbers, window cleaners and anyone else needed, getting your home ready to show and sell fast!

But, don’t stop at my Pre-Listing Consultation when you can take this sale all the way to the bank! Food for thought …

  • 95% of staged homes sell in 11 days on average
  • staged homes sell for 17% HIGHER than those that are not
  • 90% of buyers in 2017 are looking at homes online first making perfectly staged pictures essential to your quick -and lucrative- sale!
As an active OCAR Affiliate member, we are definitely bringing it! Starting with our NEW Realtor Pre-listing Consultation ~let’s SELL those homes!

Pre Listing Consultation

“We unpacked this gorgeous home the day after a move! Homeowner 29 weeks pregnant and not able to lift anything! Thanks to Susan Weir for referral!”