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Homeowner Before and After
What we can do for you!

If only we had enough time to keep every aspect of our lives organized, to run smoothly, and efficiently, with everything in its place. That is just not the world we live in today, especially in hopping Orange County where if you’re not running, you must be asleep. You know it’s true, and we certainly do too. With that said, whether you need one time services or on-going help, we’ll customize a service to meet YOUR needs. We organize EVERYTHING: bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, drawers, file cabinets, closets, linens, laundry rooms, you name it! If there is a space in your life that is in need of some serious revamping Organized & Orderly will be there to help you Keep Calm and Get Organized!

Closets & Cupboards: You know that space that you don’t dare to open for fear of becoming frustrated? That constant reminder of how little time you really have? Organizing ‘that’ closet can be daunting task but, for Organized & Orderly it’s what we do! If by the end of the organizing process we find items you no longer want or need, Organized & Orderly will also help you make donations or even sell them on your behalf!

Room Planning
We know how valuable your space is to you, your well being, your serenity, and overall peace of mind. It may be an office, a bedroom, a living room, a den but, whatever the space, it is yours, and you deserve to be comfortable. Our Organized & Orderly Team will meet with you to understand your unique objectives for each room and create customized design plans for furniture placement. But, we don’t stop there! A room is not only about the furniture, it is an accumulation of all those little nuances that make it yours. We will devise a plan for properly placing every item in each room, no matter how big or how small, ensuring the best use of space and flow is achieved. Whether it’s just one room or the entire house – we’ll free your home from the clutter, and give you back your life!

Kitchens and Bathrooms
Organizing a kitchen or bathroom can be particularly tricky but, if there is one thing we love at Organized & Orderly, that’s a challenge! Like any other room in your home or office, our team will evaluate the storage you have, assess all of your belongings, finding just the right spot for each piece. We work closely with you to understand your use of the space so that our designs and recommendations reflect this; because at Organized & Orderly, we know when we leave, you live there, you are the one using the space, so thus it must work for you!

4 Hour Organizing Package

4 Hour Xmas Decorating Package